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The Holiday Ireland Team

Genevieve Le Loup (France/Belgium/Switzerland)
Head of the French department with over 30 years experience based in France and Germany. She knows I...
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Nancy Noone (Accounts)
Nancy manages the companies accounts department, they keep us in order and ensure prompt payment for...
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Finella O’Connor (Ireland, UK, Canada & US)
As Office Manager, Finella has been working with the company since 2006. With a Diploma in Travel &a...
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Lorna Hamilton (Ireland, UK, Canada & US)
Lorna began working with the company in March 2016 as part of our reservations team. She has a diplo...
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Anne-Carole Pallaire (France/Belgium/Switzerland)
Anne-Carole is the new French Office manager since January 2015 and works alongside Genevieve in loo...
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Annabel Jacob
Annabel joined the company in May 2017 & has been an integral part of the French team ever since...
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Sidonie Lacroix
Sidonie arrived in the French team in February 2020. Sidonie graduated with a Master’s de...
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